2. Machi 2024

Plant, care, harvest! ✌🏽🌱🎋

Thanks to your support at the TanZebras Advent Calendar, it is now possible to “upgrade”! After three days of continuous rain, a small group of players, together with Don, set off on a trip to Fukayosi. Here they went on a big “shopping” tour at a local plant grower. Mango trees, cashew trees, banana trees, pineapples and many other small seedlings were bought. These will be nurtured by the TanZebras players in the future.

There will be an opportunity for all players who are allowed to work, to work in teams of 5 for a week on permaculture and earn money. This not only gives our players a regular income, but also experience, community and training in organic farming.

While TanZebras is primarily about football, it is also about organic farming, education, culture and community.

On the pitch, our players are currently battling it out against Tanzania’s biggest clubs in friendly matches. Just recently, they competed against Simba SCand Azam F.C. .

Here are the impressions of Jörg, who is on site:

Jörg: “Due to the great success of the Advent Calendar, we agreed with Judy that up to five young people from the TanZebras will travel to Shamba every week to cultivate the land under the guidance of an experienced farmer. With such a large area, there is always something to do. In return, each player receives some money, travel and accommodation. However, we can only get as far as the village of Fukayosi with the “public” minibuses. From there we usually drive with a “bodaboda” (moped) through the bush to the Shamba. We have now bought our own bodaboda for this purpose and the TanZebras can do the driving themselves.

After a recent (unexpectedly heavy) rainfall in Tanzania, it was only last week that the tractor could reasonably plough the land. Don travelled to Fukayosi with some of the TanZebras players to buy some plants.

Our young zebras are also curious about the Shamba project and are growing up with a green vision. In the future, the proceeds of the harvest will be distributed to the families of the players and surpluses will be sold on the regional market or as subscription orders. 100 per cent of these proceeds will go to the club and help finance club life. But until then, the Zebras have to be diligent and work hard.”

The TanZebras are making steady progress! The TanZebras are making steady progress! 👍🏾🌱

Many thanks to all our supporters! The pictures speak for themselves!

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