7. March 2024


Sporting success and education have absolute priority for us.

We always want to improve in our daily training and go to Torejegd at the weekend. On matchdays we compete with our opponents both away and in Gongo La Mboto.

Where some greats were defeated, where some were pinned down, is not yet so well known.

To call the football field our own, to care for it and to maintain it, this is a bigger challenge for us. It is also a greater challenge for us to travel out of town in a multifunctional bus. But also the small things like balls, shoes, jerseys or the general league operation have to be constantly renewed or repaired. Small and large projects contribute to the support. Sponsorships and support by members also enable long-term success in the field of education.


Economic efficiency meets the values of solidarity. Sustainable agriculture and the yield from organic vegetables on the one hand, and the permanent will to broaden one’s horizon and focus on sporting and professional prospects on the other. Here you can find information about our current projects with which we live our passion for football, people and nature.

If you would like to be actively involved in a project or if there are future highlights that should be connected with your name – if you have always wanted to set up a social project and think it could be combined with our mission statement, then get in touch!