3. March 2024

Education / Training

“Education is not a way to escape poverty, it is a way of fighting it.” (Julius Nyerere)

Education for Sustainable Development focuses on strengthening Gestaltungskompetenz – the ability to develop and implement locally and contextually appropriate solutions – for the transformation towards a sustainable society. It thrives on personal encounter.

In order to cultivate the field at Fukayosi, the Tanzebras want to acquire a didactic basis, which the Practical Permaculture Institute of East Africa offers us. From the design of the field, to the selection of plants to be cultivated, to the harvesting and marketing of the fruits, the young people are to learn tools for a self-determined professional life. We want to use the program offered on the island of Zanzibar to let interested students participate. Since we cannot send all children and young people there, the knowledge gained there in a two-week course will be passed on in Gongo La Mboto. This is our common fight against poverty, as Julius Nyerere articulated it.

However, we do not only want to teach material, but also to shape young people and accompany them in their personal development. That is why it is very important to us that the students share their experiences with each other. The sustainability of permaculture should also have an impact on sustainable action, learning together and the respectful use of resources. High-quality education is an important basic condition for achieving these goals, which we also pursue in all other aspects of the association.

This can only succeed if people can see and experience each other face to face. Interested in supporting our Tanzebras in their projects or in visiting us? Write us your wishes and ideas: info-reisen(at)tanzebras.com

We are looking forward to your visit!