6. March 2024

History & Location

Sport and healthy nutrition have always been inseparable. As Hippocrates of Kos said:

If we could give each individual the right amount of food and exercise, we would have found the surest way to health“.

Sport, health and a balanced diet should also serve as a basis for the players of Tanzebra FC. What could be more natural than growing organic vegetables and fruit yourself? In 2017 our organisation, Planet of Hope, was able to purchase a 20,000m² area of arable land near Fukayosi. This lies about 85 kilometres north of Dar Es Salaam.

Inspired by the founders of the Parma culture, Mollison and Holmgren, who received the Alternative Nobel Prize in 1981, a project is currently being developed to enable locally adapted cultivation without synthetic fertilizers, without weed control and without dependence on chemicals. Permaculture is an inspiring, exciting tool for shaping one’s own world while preserving sustainable lifestyles and habitats. This should enable a lasting development for man and nature.

Together with the TEMSO Engineering Company and the German Embassy in Dar Es Salaam an irrigation system is currently being installed on the property. Thanks to the advice of the Staatsschule für Gartenbau Hohenheim and the leadership of Mr. Martin Osing, the first seedlings are being selected, which promise year-round harvests in this region. A big step towards self-sufficiency for the association and its active members. Today, permaculture is a design practice that brings together solutions, tools and methods from a wide variety of cultures and areas and, with concrete projects, promotes the transformation of our societies towards suitability for grandchildren.

Tanzebra FC and its supporters have committed themselves to this intercultural philosophy:

  • Earth Care
  • people care
  • fair share