15. July 2024

The Club


The TanZebras were founded in 2014 as a street team in the suburb Gongo La Mboto, about 7 km from the international airport of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania.  The original idea to give the children a little bit of fun and a solid structure in everyday life through football developed into a great project due to the incredible support of MSV fans from Duisburg.

The NGO ‘Planet of Hope’ was founded to coordinate the charitable activities. In 2015 the TanZebras were finally registered as an official club with the Tanzanian Football Federation (TFF). Together with the Zebra Herd e.V. from Duisburg, the foundation stones were finally laid to offer a perspective to 60 children and young people from precarious circumstances. Training courses, trips away from home and, last but not least, other social activities have led to TanZebras FC in Gongo La Mboto causing a positive stir. The sporting success was not long in coming and several cups have already been won.

Now for the first time the focus is on the third league. 

Welcome TanZebras FC!