5. March 2024

The little doors

1902 wishes, 24 doors

This year’s TanZebras Advent calendar opens up 24 chances to have a wish fulfilled. On each day of Advent, we will thank one person who took part in the Christmas fundraiser for the benefit of TanZebras FC.

Imagine you are in Zanzibar?! With us, that’s possible, because the white beaches on the Indian Ocean are one of the incredibly great
prizes you can get as a thank you.

For this, we have again spoken to many supporters, some of whom have been supporting us for years for the good cause. Many thanks to all supporters also at this point!

As in the previous year, the aim of this campaign is to continue the education and nutrition programme in Tanzania, but also to keep TanZebras FC playing for all teams and to promote the promotion to the second division.

At the Hagemann Charlottenhof Winery and the Sassenhof Country House, the Christ Child received culinary delicacies to put in your calendar. Of course, he was also at zebrakids e.V., the legendary MSV Duisburg and other zebra-related projects such as the MSV Museum and our ultra groups, to spoil you with rarities and treasures.

In the Port of Bliss you will also once again come across our friend for a tour of the largest inland port in the world, as well as VIP tickets for an MSV home game from Capelli Sport. Flic Flac is also back on board with its new show “Permanent” and will take you away from everyday life for hours. Eckerfeld GmbH has a great package for us and a voucher from Studio 16 is sure to impress under the skin.

And if that’s not exotic enough, the Christ Child might actually invite you to the tropical dream island of Zanzibar. Thanks to flights from Schauinsland Reisen, two people will be going to Jambiani on the east coast with its snow-white sandy beaches to our friends at “Villa Mina“. Relaxation, sports, culture and culinary delights await you and those who wish have the option of visiting the mainland and the TanZebras directly!

The TanZebras show you their world. They are proud to show their home to the zebra family from Germany, Europe and the world.

This unique Duisburg football project is making history because you are helping with your donation and sustainable projects and goes to the people on the ground.

How does it work?

Would you like to support us and win one of these wonderful prizes? Then go ahead!

For every donation of 5,-€ there is a ticket number that ends up in the thank you pot. Each donation is rewarded with a ticket in €5 denominations, which then ends up in the pot several times. So if you donate 20,-€, four of your tickets go into the pot. Of course, this increases the chance of winning gifts worth several thousand euros.

Starting on 1 December, a door with the gift and the lot number will be published. We will then contact you by e-mail or you can get in touch with us so that we can send you your thank you gift.

The fastest way to participate is via Paypal, or you can choose the classic way of bank transfer.

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