4. March 2024

Donate for the club

Your donation will be used where it is most urgently needed!

Who doesn’t know the thought that there’s always something to do?! It’s no different at a soccer club. But it is different if you want to help a club thousands of kilometres away. What is needed? What makes sense? We are constantly in contact with the responsible people of the TanZebras on site in Tanzania. Here are some examples of how we can use your financial help with the TanZebras:  

Infrastructure: A bus as a sustainability project Bus rental is necessary at the beginning, but uneconomical. Having your own bus not only reduces the costs of running the game enormously, but can also bring in money for the club during the week, and in addition, jobs are created under fair conditions. A shuttle service for business people into the city, school trips from schools, or a safe trip for tourists to safari lodges is conceivable. Costs for a used bus: approx. 12.000-18.000,-€


Clubhouse in Lego principle: Currently the club is allowed to train on the military area in “Gongo La Mboto” and to play its home games – this has been contractually agreed. With your help the club will get a clubhouse in a modular system. Lockable for material, transportable, expandable for sanitary facilities. With your help you support the purchase of used sea containers, which are easily expandable, for example to accommodate a women’s team. Costs per sea container approx. 2.500,-€  

Club equipment: Media package With your help TanZebra FC is able to feed social media channels, write the history of the club, analyse matches, present training offers from football schools and implement the club’s work professionally.

  • Camera with video function
  • Laptop on current standard
  • Beamer & Screen

One-time acquisition costs approx. 1,700.-€    

Away game The TanZebras will play 9 away games. The first derbies are lined up and need not only water and some fruits as snacks, but also a safe journey together. You are supporting an away game:

  • joint bus transfer to the opponent
  • Water
  • Snacks in the form of fruit

Average costs per away game: approx. 80,-€


Home game This is where the basis of the points must be laid. For this our team needs your help to create a healthy foundation without having to go to dirty wells.

  • Water
  • Snacks in the form of fruit

Costs per home game: 30,-€