4. March 2024


While conventional agriculture works with chemicals that kill the microorganisms in the soil, permaculture works with them to revitalize the earth. Permaculture regenerates the soil. One of our methods is to plant trees in the fields. These loosen the soil and allow the water to seep away.

One of the principles of permaculture is that nobody can know everything. It’s always about sharing knowledge. Everything we do in the projects is about sharing knowledge. So people learn from each other and start to trust each other.

Another principle is that all members of the association participate in the permaculture work. In the field, during harvesting, distribution or in the decision-making process about which vegetable or fruit should be grown. The children learn at an early age how to deal with nature and its resources in a sustainable way. In this way the families are supported in child care and can take an active role within the community. The point is that everyone contributes their small part to a larger whole. Ultimately, permaculture is a peace project.