3. March 2024

A “little paradise” for the TanZebras!

Would you like to help with the setup? Then take part in TanZebras Advent Calendar!

At the same time, with a little luck, you can win one of the small or big prizes hidden behind the 24 doors! The proceeds from the calendar will be used to buy seedlings and perennials that promise year-round harvests. On a two-hectare piece of land in Tanzania, bananas, pineapples, mangoes, melons, onions, sweet potatoes and much more will be planted in early 2021.

With the permaculture of different fruits and vegetables, we would like to give the people at the TanZebras more confidence for their lives during the Christmas season with your help!



In East Africa there are currently great concerns everywhere: job losses, in some cases hunger and, unfortunately, much pain in the families affected by the pandemic.
Despite their recent successes in soccer, it is important that the TanZebras are not only active on the field, but that they are also active and diligent on their own fields. In this way they can achieve a better self-sufficiency in food. In the end this would be a greater victory that counts more than the one on the soccer field!

A door will be opened every day from December 1 and the winner of the prize will be announced. As a donor, you will be entered into the draw for the 24 prizes. For every 5 € a donation number will be placed in the “lottery pot”. For example, if you donate 20 €, your chance of winning is quadrupled, because four of your donation numbers are in the lottery pot!

Hier zwei Videos (Inka & Moses) die zeigen, was ein kleiner Beitrag bedeuten kann!

So far there have been 0€ donations for the Advent calendar! Thanks a lot!


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