2. March 2024

Together we can! Afro Summer Beats…

Together we can- creative education

Some of you might have heard the song during half-time on Magenta TV, because MSV Duisburg has already played it several times during half-time and mascot Ennatz already had the song at number three on his playlist. But what was behind it?

While the first team is currently busy preparing for the third league, we organised a whole weekend at Stone Town Records in Zanzibar at the beginning of the rainy season so that the players Moses and Franco could indulge in the musical arts. The idea was accompanied by a music label under the creative direction of Lorenz Hermann from Germany.

Bernard Beatz Productions meets Afro Pop

Since we gave everyone a free hand, it was all the more exciting to hear what came out of it. So it turned out to be Afro Pop – light, Caribbean-like good mood beats. Just the right thing for a balmy summer evening like today…

And since the result was so good, we were able to use our local network and shot a video about it, so that you can get a small, genuine insight. On location, this meant a lot of organisation, finding creative solutions for the video, writing the lyrics for the song and the musical arrangement. Creative bidung on new media.

If you enjoy the song, you can download it for free:


Anyone who has a small amount of money at hand is welcome to pick up a heart from the MSV and book it under the “Zebra Herd e.V.” team.

Anyone who would like to support this football project with their skills or ideas is welcome to contact us at info@tanzebras.com and of course we are happy to receive any donations.

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