7. February 2024

TanZebras start new season

For the TanZebras, the first matchday in the 3rd League is just around the corner. The opening opponent in the afternoon (15:00 CEST / 15:00 EAT) is Kisa FC.

The second year in the third division begins for the TanZebras with a real challenge. Kisa FC are one of the biggest clubs in the league and have a good structure. “We know that we have a difficult task ahead of us,” explains Don Mwakilambo, team manager of TZFC. “But at the moment, we are looking forward to the match and finally playing in front of our fans in a competitive match again.

Also on hand will be Ramadan Bendera, a district MP from Ukonga, who will be rooting for the TanZebras. “We are very happy about that,” Mwakilambo reveals. “It is a great honour for us and shows that we are doing a good job.

Here are our strong boys!


We don’t want to deprive you of the official documents, dates and opponents of the 3rd Tanzanian League. With official stamp! 🙂


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