16. July 2024

TanZebras learn permaculture

The TanZebras Sophia and Franco are currently in Zanzibar taking part in a permaculture seminar. The skills learned there will be presented to the other team members after their return to Dar Es Salaam and the knowledge will be passed on.

The next step on the way to TanZebras’ self-reliance has been taken: Our players Sophia and Franco are currently learning the basic pillars of sustainable permaculture, which they will then apply on the TanZebras’ fields and pass on to their teammates. The yields from year-round farming will create a new source of income for the TanZebras, which will go toward funding the soccer operation and implementing other projects. The harvested products will be sold locally through direct sales in order to strengthen the local economy. In the future, the proceeds will also be processed into other products for subsequent sale. 

Training in the field of sustainable permaculture is part of the concept, which is carried out in cooperation with the German Embassy in Dar Es Salaam. Thanks to funding from the embassy, a deep well is currently being drilled on the farmland to ensure the water supply for the field. For reasons of sustainability, we have deliberately chosen a power supply using solar energy, which will mainly power the water pump.

We would like to thank our sponsors and supporters who made it possible to participate in the very high quality seminar. It only works together!

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