3. March 2024

A Christmas gift for all supporters

Die TanZebras wünschen Frohe Weihnachten!

This year was difficult, very difficult! For all of us! But what has been created here in the past months is simply overwhelming!

  • It was 64 children and young people, thanks to your donations, health insurance.
  • The TanZebras have dared the adventure 3rd league and passed.
  • The foundation for the permaculture planting was laid with the donations from the Advent Calendar. An insane donation sum of 5.000,00€ was collected! Thank you very much for your support!
  • At the same time, the German embassy in Dar es Salaam approved and supported the construction of the well on the farmland, the work is already in progress. We will report soon 😉

All TanZebras wish you and your families a merry and blessed Christmas! And most of all: stay healthy! We will see you again in 2021 with new projects and hope that you will continue to support us. All TanZebras are very grateful for this support, but see for yourself….

But the TanZebras have come up with something very special for all supporters. Watch the movie and have fun!!!


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