2. March 2024

Nick the Easter Bunny

Before Nick W. set off for Düsseldorf airport, he quickly knocked on the door of TanZebras FC. He would like to visit them on his trip through Tanzania. From this happy news, the idea grew in no time at all that Nick could take some articles for our teams with him, after all, there had been a few boxes of donations in Marion’s zebra herd garage for some time.

Without further ado, a suitcase with Derby-Star balls and new football boots, which “Team Lechti” had financed, was packed and transported to D’dorf the same evening. At this point, big thanks again to the pseudo VfL Bochum fan, Markus G. from Neudorf and of course to Marcel and his little rabbit.

As soon as Nick landed in Tanzania, he arranged to meet Don for a luggage handover. Just as a magician conjures a rabbit out of his hat, our MSV Easter Bunny conjured the coveted shoes and balls out of his suitcase and thus gave our players an unforgettable afternoon. No wonder that a whole series of impressive photos were taken:


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