2. March 2024

Victory against New Eleven FC

“Front runner, front runner, hey, hey!”

It was an exhausting afternoon for the TanZebras at the “Stadium Magereza” against the team of New Eleven FC. Both teams started the game with a lot of pressure and tactical considerations. But in the 10th minute, our top scorer Eddie Weche (3 goals in 3 games) scored the 1:0 for the TanZebras! After an assist from Edwin Komba and a rebounded shot, Eddie was able to put the TanZebras in the lead.

Half-time score: 1:0 for the TanZebras.

In the second half, the TanZebras put in another good performance. Towards the end of the game, New Eleven increased the pressure, but the strong TanZebras did not allow any chances. This means that the third game of the current season ended 1:0 against New Eleven for the TanZebras and our team is now the leader of Group B for the time being!

The next match is on Monday, 25.10.2021, against Moyo FC, who are currently second in the table. This match will be very difficult and decisive for the TanZebras. We are keeping our fingers crossed! After the game, we received some statements via WhatsApp that sound very optimistic and self-confident:

Here are the statements and pictures from the game:

Eddie Weche: “I know the league is very tough, but I am here to score and my goal for this season is to become a top scorer.

Franco Deus (Captain): “We thank all those who support us! A journey that will go on. My team and I will make sure we get all 9 more points!“.

Mosses Alto: “We are at the top of the table, that is not enough, we have to fight more, we know we have to win the next game against Moyo Fc.“.

David “Daudi” Kapinga (Coach): “We have scored three important points that keep us in the best position in these competition. The players fought very hard in the first half. We created many chances but unfortunately only scored one goal. We are looking to the next game to get another good result!.

Keep it up, boys!




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