3. March 2024

TanZebras FC vs. Vijana FC

The Miracle of Gongo!

14.7.2020 is a day that will go down in the history books of football. The TanZebras have won the first compulsory match in their club history! In an epic game the self-sacrificingly fighting zebras beat the favoured team of Vijana 2:1! Jordan James Mlanda scored the interim 1-0 and was the first ever goal scorer. With the second goal of the day the offensive outfield player Alto Mosses then shot the TanZebras to the much acclaimed first victory!

The once again almost 150 spectators were, like the team itself and all supporters of the TanZebras, completely beside themselves. This day will be marked in bold on the calendar and will forever remain a milestone in the history of the club. Even after the game the victory was celebrated for a long time!

Nevertheless, even today the look goes forward again. Next Friday, 17.07.20, the boys around coach Don will play the next match of the season. Next opponent is the team of Six Home.

Do you also want to become a part of the football fairy tale and support the TanZebras? Then look here 

Voices about the game and photos will follow when the party in Dar es Salaam is over and everyone is fit again. So maybe the day after tomorrow 😉

Our goal scorers:

Mlanda Mosses

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