2. March 2024

Dream of promotion postponed

In the last group match of the 3rd league, our TanZebras had to play against Utulivu FC. Utulivu had passed us in the table with a 3:3 against Kisa FC. Equal on points, but with one less goal scored, a win was needed to reach the qualifying round for the 2nd league.

After a tough battle, which Utulivu did not always play 100% fair, which we as TanZebras have at the top of our list of values, the final match ended 1-1.

Kumba put us in the lead, but a rash foul in his own 16 gave our guests a penalty in front of about 500 spectators, which Seity unfortunately could not parry.

With the points shared, we are left with only the hope of finally making it next season and setting our sights on the second division again. After the addition of our two new strikers, Kumba and Eddie, we will be strengthened next season mainly by our juniors, two of whom are expected to make it into the first team.

After an exciting and exhilarating season, we are sadly saying goodbye to official play for the time being. But with our heads held high, we will start preparing for the 22/23 season after 11 points from 6 games and being third in the table. The signs that Duisburg sends to Tanzania are outstanding and fulfil our dream of the Zebra family!

In the end, the TanZebras finish the season in third place in the table, level on points with second-placed Ultulivu FC. The TanZebras were only one (!!!) goal short of qualifying for the 2nd league.

We are looking forward to your support in the media and in the stands. We wish you all a blessed Christmas season!

Asante sana!



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