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The first footprint

Won a lot in spite of defeat!

On Saturday, 11.07.2020, at 16:00 local time (15:00 German time), the time had come for TanZebras FC to write a piece of African football history:

A group of young street footballers in a suburb of Dar es Salaam has become the team of TanZebras FC. For 6 years fans of MSV Duisburg have actively supported this way from the beginning.
Now their eagerly awaited first compulsory match in the fourth Tanzanian league took place.

About 150 fans came to the first game in the club’s history at the domestic military sports facility Chuo Magereza. All of them wanted to get a picture of the new team and loudly support it. We don’t know if this is a record attendance, but it is certainly a top result for the fourth league and we hope that so many fans will come to the first team’s games in the future.

The TanZebras, with an average age of under 20 years, could not free themselves from a certain nervousness and tension in their first game and had some starting difficulties. Especially in the second half the team took up the fight, could keep up well and played themselves into the hearts of the fans.

The fact that in the end the game was lost 3-0 against the much more experienced team of Global Winners FC was rather irrelevant in the end.

Daud, one of the team’s coaches, was also very proud of the boys after the game: “We were very nervous and a little anxious at first. We are an inexperienced team. But especially in the second half we showed a great fight. We’ll give everything again in the next game and try to get the first victory!”

By the way, the team’s great role models have already shown that all beginnings are difficult. MSV Duisburg, founded 118 years ago, finished bottom of the table in their inaugural season and scored just one point.

But there is not much time to look back. The next home game is already scheduled for tomorrow. The opponent is the team “Vijana”. Let’s go TanZebras!

The other results:

11/07/2020 12/07/2020
Majani vs. Kinota FC 3:2 Shaurimoyo vs. Sayari 0:1
Six home vs. utulivu 0:2 Gerezan Utd vs. Action Boys 0:3
bombom vs. Boom 5:0  


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