3. March 2024

Utulivu vs. TanZebras

The TanZebras win their first third-league away game against Utulivu FC with 2:1. Moses scored the goal in the first half to make it 1-0. The TanZebras were able to increase to 2-0 (see video), but Utulivu scored the follow-up goal in the first half to make it 1-2. The match was fiercely contested. In the second half one of the opponent’s players was sent off the field with a red card and the TanZebras could score the first away win in the 3rd league with 11 players against 10 opponent players.

The Duisburg away mob will now celebrate properly with the TanZebras in Toto Tundu and tear down the hut 😉

Photos, comments on the game and a game report from TanZania will follow soon. Or as soon as we have contact to Tanzania again, but it could also be days! 🙂

Here is the “live report” during the game via Whatsapp:

At 07:33 this morning we received this good news about the upcoming away game:

During the game there was a little live coverage (German):


Here are the first videos of the game:

“Impressions from the edge of the field at the beginning of the game” Greetings to Uerdingen 😀


“The 2:0 for the TanZebras” (today at the away game in the unusual yellow jersey)

Have a look at Instagram, the “away mob” will surely post some pictures in the next days: https://www.instagram.com/tanzebras

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