3. March 2024

Karume Market Fc vs. TanZebras (3:1)


Karume FC started off the match with alot of zeal, trying to score as many goals as possible from the very beginning. Tanzebras noticed this and changed their tactic, putting a strong defense against their opponents Karume FC, and exerted alot of pressure against them. This tactic proved to be the right one as from the 25th minute, Tanzebras cornered Karume FC, taking total control of the game and dominating all ball passes comparerd to Karume FC, who at this point looked completely overwhelmed by Tanzebras game. Despite this good tactic, Tanzebras however were unable to score any goals.

After 30 mins Karume FC managed to score the leading goal by passing the ball to their forwarder, who slipped through Tanzebras players and shot a powerful goal.

This however did not kill the motivation of Tanzebras as 12 minutes later, they managed to equal the scores through a great penalty shot by forwarder JORDAN MLANDA turning the scorecard to KARUME 1-1 TANZEBRAS. This being the final scores for the  first half of the game.

The second half started off at an extremely fast pace as each teamwas chasing after a winning goal. Karume FC however seemed better at the second half, ultimately scoring goals at the 60th and 78th minute respectively. These two subsequent goals became the determing goals of the match making them the winners of the match with a 3-1 victory. Tanzebras remains at the third league.


Remarks of the coach after the game

“We are  fully aware that these results are not pleasant, not only to us but also to our fans. However , that is the fate of  such matches. We gave our very best trying to defeat our opponents but unfortunately the results ended up different from our expectations.  This being our first time in the league, we have definitely learnt alot from it and i believe we will perform much much better in the next season. I am truly grateful to all our fans and supporters from all over the world for the great support you are giving us and we promise to perform much better in the next season.” COACH DAUDI

Team Manager’s remarks after the game

“ Despite not winning the league, we have a great team which has brought alot of changes generally in the third league. This being our first time in the 3rd league, it was a really tough season but i believe we have learnt alot from this experience and we shall definitely use these valueable lessons on the next season. We thank all our players and all our supporters from all over the world.” TEAM MANAGER DON

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