3. March 2024

The donations arrive!

Over many months MSV collected fans for the equipment of the TanZebras. While at the beginning of the year mainly shoes and balls arrived in Gongo La Mboto, at the end of August it was mainly the many jersey sets, fan T-shirts, jackets and several useful items, like an MSV wall clock (the hope for punctuality dies last) or the water filters from whatabird that found their way to us.

On the occasion of the visit of Mathias and Jörg the handover was celebrated with a small buffet. They unpacked souvenirs, set them up, inspected them and, last but not least, defended them down to the last man.

And of course the new jerseys had to be tried on, whereby the MSV jerseys of the 2019/2020 season were of course the highlight.

We would like to thank all supporters. In these difficult times of the pandemic, gifts are not a matter of course. All the more we are happy and proud to have friends in Duisburg who make all this possible.


Asante sana!


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