14. July 2024

TanZebras vs. Airwing FC (0:1)

On 28 September 2020 a big match was scheduled in group A. The TanZebras welcomed the leader of the standings Airwing FC on their home ground in Gongo La Mboto!

This match was an important one for both teams. Airwing FC were determined to maintain their first place in the table against the promoted team, and the TanZebras wanted to win three points in order to secure a better place in the table. So excitement was already guaranteed before the kick-off.

The game started with a high intensity and a lot of pressure on both sides. Both teams were eager to score an early goal, but the defensive lines on both sides were very cautious and the goalkeepers showed strong performances. Towards the end of the first half, the TanZebras increased their ball possession rate and gained many chances. Despite their dominance, they unfortunately did not manage to score a goal in this phase of the game.

The second half started with heavy rainfall, but this was no obstacle to continue the great encounter in group A. The pressure on Airwing FC was constantly increased, so that the opponent decided to “park a bus” in the defence. The TanZebras played out further chances, but unfortunately none were crowned with success.

In the 85th minute, at the score of 0:0, a shock drove through the team. The central defender “CHOTTA” had to leave the field with a serious shoulder injury.

And then, in the 89th minute, things got even worse for the young TanZebras team: Airwing FC took a 1-0 lead shortly before the end of the game and thus secured the three points. The game was whistled off a short time later, final score:

TanZebras FC vs. Airwing FC: 0:1

The late counter-goal and the injury of “CHOTTA” hurt very much, so that the heads were first on the ground. But the TanZebras team can be very proud of their strong performance against the leaders!

Let’s go on, TanZebras! Heads up!

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