3. March 2024


Dear supporters and fans of the TanZebras. If somebody had told us two weeks ago that the boys could ascend today, we would have probably declared them crazy. It was too unclear how the team with an average age of under 20 years will perform. But today we know that the team can keep up. In the premiere away game against Utulivu FC today, the TanZebras are actually looking to advance to the third division. The game starts at 16:00 local time (15:00 CEST).

For motivation before the game we have the TanZebras Song for you here!

“The TanZebras are looking forward to their first away game. Today the promotion to the 3rd league is possible. Cross your fingers and dance with us! Let’s go dance TanZebras!”

But no matter how it turns out today, we are very proud of the team!




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